Storytelling: Using Social Media to tell your story


Why do you use social media?

Your answer to the above question might be:

  • I have to in this day and age
  • It’s a good idea to have an online presence
  • It’s where my customers are
  • It helps promote my business

Or it might be something else. But have you ever considered using social media to tell your story? Simon Sinek famously said,

people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

This is why so many social media managers often post about the little things that take place around the office from day to day, the weather from your studio window or some spring sunshine while you’re on the school run. People like to know the face behind the brand. They like to buy from people so it’s important to cultivate those relationships with the people you meet online. There’s a reason why images are so important on social media platforms. An image is incredibly powerful and it engages people at a glance. You are a customer too, so ask yourself this question: What images do I engage with? What do those images say to me? Then translate this into your own social media activity.

Every month, The Simple Things magazine has a feature called My Day in Cups of Tea, where they invite business people, designers and creatives to give readers a glimpse into their day through tea. You might look at that and think it’s bonkers. But it really works to share your story with your followers. It shows that there’s someone behind the tweets, Facebook posts and special offers.

Another way to do this is to blog for your business. Use your blog as a platform for not only sharing your story, but also your suppliers, your customers, heck, why not even write a post about your postman or delivery driver?! It might sound silly, but some of the best posts I’ve seen on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are the ones that come from the heart and share something about the people behind the business, even the postie. It might seem mundane, but it’s that kind of thing that you can do as a small business owner so why not use that to your advantage? Plus it also gives you other interesting content to use, rather than focusing on selling your product. It enables people to engage with your social media activity, which is incredibly useful and powerful.

For more information and ideas, check out these articles, which are incredibly useful, from Spredfast and Social Media Examiner.

What social media feeds to enjoy looking at? What is it that draws you back to them day after day?

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