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I provide social media consultancy, training and management for local businesses. I can design tailor-made social media strategies to help companies promote their businesses, products and services. Whether social media is a brand new world for you or you would just like to make your social media work for you, then just get in touch

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social media jobs

Five Social Media jobs for the Weekend

Follow Facebook pages. If you’re using Facebook, find other pages to follow and monitor their engagement. It’s a good way of comparing engagement and seeing how your page performs against your competitors. Create Twitter lists. Using lists in Twitter is a great way of organising who you follow, especially if you use something like Hootsuite […]

Twitter Tips

Getting Started with Twitter

Twitter connects people with what they care about and with over 271 million active monthly users, it’s a no-brainer for any business. They should have a Twitter presence. But with 1 billion tweets sent every two days, it can seem very overwhelming and it can be difficult to get your voice heard. So here are […]

Pinterest for business

Should I use Pinterest for my business?

When I started using Pinterest, a few years ago, it was mainly because I wanted to find an online world that I could hide in. Since then, it’s been through many changes. While I still enjoy losing myself to pictures of cute pugs, beautiful stationery and my dream home, it’s also a great place to […]